Madd Money Entertainment, Planet Radio 100! “Keeping It 100”

The purpose of this Blog Post it to raise awareness of a new up and coming Internet Radio Station named “Planet Radio 100”.  Madd Money Entertainment has been blazing the airwaves with their new internet radio station ranked #1 In the planet.  CEO Carol Dorsey is the frontrunner in this new evolution and she has been working around the clock to make this dream a reality.

Planet Radio 100 is a station that runs 24/7 playing the latest in Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Gospel. They have hits from Old School to New School Music. The hits come from all over the planet from independent to major artist. There is no limit to what they will bring to the world of music. Advertisement is available on our station at a fair price to help you get the proper exposure your company or brand needs.

They payout royalties to BMI, ASCAP, and Sound Exchange for artist and every spin count. They give you the hottest shows and they are the new internet station that brings you more to keep you entertained & coming back for more. Tune in to and enjoy the music 24/7.

Keep It 100!


Dr. Dre “The Chronic”

Greetings Colleagues,

This week’s blog post will be a topic of choice. The topic that I have chosen to elaborate on is Record Producer, Rapper and Entrepreneur Andre Romelle Young aka “Dr. Dre”, CEO of Aftermath Productions.   Dr. Dre has impacted Artist like Snoop Dog, Ice Cube, Warren G, 50 Cents, Eminem, and Groups such as Blackstreet to say the least. Nevertheless, Rap and Hip Hop among the popular music genre has never been the same since Dre stepped on the scene. In 1992, he founded Death Row Records with Suge Knight, rapidly becoming the driving force in 90’s Hip Hop with “The Chronic” solo debut.

The Chronic”, transformed the entire sound of West Cost Rap” (Steve Huey, Features that brands this album irreplaceable, is the fact that Dre founded this original G-Funk sound mixed with a Funkadelic type of beat, soulful backing vocals, and live instruments paired with bass lines and extravagant synths. Both him and Snoop together had a chemistry that not one person could emulate. With their Dolemite stylistic introductions and cartoon like skits, this became a requirement for other rap albums looking to “Swagger Jack” their photographic rhymes. The Chronic still to this day is one of the greatest and most influential hip-hop albums of all time.

I remember when I first heard this album, I was on my way to school and my brother was driving. He was playing “F**k Wit Dre Day” very loudly and I was like “what in the heck is this? I never heard this kind of music and it sounds weird”. The impression that it left on my at that time was simple, I could not understand why he was talking so badly about this person, but he really made that man mad. The music was awesome and the lady at the end singing was at the time, my favorite part. As an industry professional, I totally understand the whole concept of the album and how they were able to capture both sound and setting to deliver a movie type of feel. Nevertheless, Dr. Dre was very clever in making a point about any subject and painting the setting very well.

Applying all this knowledge I have collected is no easy task, it takes practice plus perfecting the beat, as Dr. Dre says. In order to be versatile, I must research and develop a work habit that engages the creativity of the art itself. Studying the very concept that made its existence to the extreme, keeping in mind the challenges that were faced in the make. In the next five years, I plan to do just that with a relentless mind set to purpose advancing my career endeavors. Thank you very much for reading my blog post and have a blessed day.

Michael “MYK” Roberts

Marvin Gaye’s “Whats Going On”

Greetings Colleagues,

Marvin Gaye was one of the best artists of all time. “The Prince of Motown” is one of his nicknames; he went on to release an album that would be remembered as Motown’s 1st #1 album. The album that Berry Gordy Stated, “The worst thing I’ve ever heard in my life”, sold 100,000 copies in the first day of January 1971. Coming in at #2 on the pop charts that year and #3 on R&B, a first for Motown Records, aka “Hitsville”.

The music and image of Marvin Gaye prior to the recordings of “What’s Going On” was of a passionate nature. He sung about sex and love and was an image in Motown that displayed smoothness and kind-hearted. Social neighborhood concerns and national crisis influenced the lyrical content of the album. His brother Frankie was a Vietnam Veteran and after a long crying talk with him, he wanted to write something that addressed the social and international concerns in a positive manner.

Renaldo Obie Benson originally came up with the idea and presented it to Marvin and they spent countless hours in Hitsville, creating what will become the hallmark of Marvin’s style. When time came for recording and releasing “What going on”, there were many obstacles that Marvin had to face. One main challenge was convincing Gordy to release it. Marvin passed time by training with the Detroit Lions for the upcoming season that year, but was later turned down to play in the opening game.

During this timeframe, Motown with the help of Jack Ashford and James Jameson, created live quality production work. The instrumentation, studio musicians, and lyrics all played a big role in the success of Motown. With 75 producers and about 150 songwriters, Hitsville was just as good as the name it had created.  I love the song “What Going On” and as a listener, it has changed the way I view music to this day. As an industry professional, there was great creativity and passion that went into the making of this awesome masterpiece.

I thank God for such an experience and I believe it was stated in an article on the album that there had to have been another force at work when the release of the album finally dropped, because Gordy was not backing down.

With Respect,

Michael Roberts

The Grammies !

Greetings Colleagues,

Tonight’s blog post is about the Granny’s and how the industry recognizes the artwork of multiple genres. The Grammy Awards first started in 1958 and many of the awards categories have come and gone over the years. The Gospel genre started in 1961, where Mahalia Jackson won Best Gospel or Other Religious Recordings 7th Annual Grammy Award for “Everytime I Feel The Spirit”. This genre has changed over the years in a variety of ways and has brought more attention to its unique nature. It has gone from Religious Recordings to Sacred Performances in 1967 and back to Gospel Performances – Traditional in 1977, for the song “Just A Little Talk With Jesus” by Oak Ridge Boys. Mahalia Jackson created a sub-genre for many different artists. Kirk Franklin receives the most recent sub-category Granny Award in 2011 for “Best Gospel Album”. There are many differences in new sub-genres form the old ones. Some have contemporary and others have traditional awards. Sometimes music from specific geographic locations plays a factor because of its unique situation. Overall, the Grammies is one of the best experiences an artist or musician could ever dream for.

Michael Roberts

The Beach Boys


This week, the topic of discussion is about some of the most influential recordings of the 1960’s. In order to understand music as a whole and be able to identify it’s distinctive nature, we must study music as if it was an academic subject.   Performing its diverse or cultural class, cultivates scholars to research why and how people was influenced by their music. Ultimately, who was influenced by their music? “Industry Professionals” is the term that Full Sail University utilizes to identify the caliber of its individual students and here in this blog, I am confident we will answer these question.

To start, the Beach Boys album entitled “Pet Sounds” influenced everyone who listened to it. Released on May 16, 1996, on Capitol Records, it was The Beach Boys 11th studio album. It is the most influential record ever released in the western pop music cultural and had ranked #1 in countless magazines list of greatest albums of all time. Also ranked #2 on in Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Albums of all time. It is the second most acclaimed album of all time next to The Beatles “Revolver”.   Brian Wilson works on this album with an advanced approach personally for the group. He quit touring with the band just to focus his attention on writing and recording. As a result, “Pet Sound” was created several months later.

Michael Roberts

The Coming !

Within this blog, I am optimistic in accomplishing the goal of creating awareness of MYK Productions 47 and the service it provides.

I have told myself that over and over through my life and I plan to work hard and give it my best. I am excited to be apart of such an elite group and I look forward to working with the professionals that keep music moving forward.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

MYK Production 47 is by far, one of the best productions companies on the planet.  It is based in Detroit, MI and has a fully functional staff of trained professionals ready to produce music.  We have released a numerous amount of musical tracks and videos online to promote education, positive behavior, and musicianship.  There are many genres with distinctive melodic contour and perfect songwriting techniques taken heavily into consideration.  With its new production release

“Big Berry’s Got The Best”, Ranked #1 on the Reverb Nation platform Reverb Nation , has attracted many clients from all over the globe.  These clients range from different entertainment industries such as gamming, radio, and even film.  After a decade of perfecting it craft, we have mastered the art of production and sound design with clients from WWE, Sound Cloud, Reverb Nation, and many other platforms giving constructive feedback.  In recent event, the company has persuaded many charter schools to incorporate more arts into their curriculum and has seen dramatic results in attendance and grades. “8 Keys of Excellence”   Local artist’s such as “ItkLikeButta” and “Cali Kid” has made no hesitation to comply with its vision and come aboard to work on new material.  Influencing professionals to by-into you, helps them to conclude with your vision being made true.  If you have time, I beseech you to check out our webpage MYK Productions 47 and listen to a few of our production material.  If you are convinced, these tracks can be purchased at the following Link for a small phenomenal fee.  There is also an about me page for the Bio if you would like to get to know the CEO of MYK Productions 47.  We greatly appreciate you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this blog post and we also hope that you’re happy to have been made aware of this extraordinary productions dynasty.  Thank you and have a prosperous day!

It would be a huge benefit to utilize my service as an added entity to your production staff.  Music is our passion and getting the job done is always our priority.

The Reason I Push

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

I have told myself that time and time again. As a new Student here at Full Sail University, I plan to work hard and give it my best. I am excited to be apart of such an elite group and I look forward to working with the all students and staff members.


My name is Michael Roberts and I was born in Chicago, IL. At the age of five I started piano lessons, and as a young child, I was always active. Every second of the day, I would be engaged in some type of mental or physical activity. My father taught me how to play the piano and the harmonica. I would cry because I missed my mom so much (Mothers Boy) and the only way dad could get me to calm down is to play the guitar and the harmonica. He would use improvisation with blues chords and mimicking “You want yo ma’ma boy?”…LOL. A few years later I started playing the drums for my uncle’s church (Church on the Rock). Growing up with 5 brothers and 1 sister, my house was never quite.

I graduated from Thornridge High School ( GO Falcons ) and joined the service afterwards. Participated in my High School Marching, Jazz, Concert, Pit, and Symphonic band for four years straight, I emerged as an All-State percussionist and All-American Bandsman for two years in the state of Florida.

Spending over a decade as an Active Duty Marine (Motor Transport, 1st Degree Black Belt Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor, Marine Recruiter) earned me unlimited potential in the face of challenges, via my Superiors. As an Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran, I also had the privilege of playing in the United States Marine Band while on active duty. Traveling to different countries allowed me to fully understand different types of cultural music and for that I am forever grateful

Right now I am a current student at Full Sail University finishing my journey to success as a musical innovator. I would love nothing more than to surround myself with like-minded individuals who share similar purposes.

I really hope everyone enjoys what I listen to here on this page. I have a wealth of musical talent and as I become a civilian once again I am reminded how my life was inside the toughest military in the world. My musical talent has very emotional feelings in it and projects a sense of passion in one of many things nobody can take from you. Music!

God Bless !


“You Can Do, ALL THINGS, Through CHRIST, WHO Strengthens You Son” John R. SR 20010822 Dolton,IL – May He Rest In Paradise –
Your Diligent Son “Michael”