#TeamRoberts “Beat As One”

Military families endure some of the toughest challenges possible; not only during deployments, but sometimes even more so after they return home. Battling mental illness, U.S. Marine Veteran Michael Roberts and his wife Myra struggled to regain their lives together. During their toughest times, Michael credits his wife Myra’s love, patience, prayer, and understanding to strengthen him through this new battle that they enduring together.

Having originally met while Michael was stationed in Japan, the world map represents their travels and the beauty in cultural differences they experienced along the way. The drum sticks, music notes, and vinyl represent the impact music has made on their family and how it brought them all together within the backyard of the Motown. The heart on the front of the shirt symbolizes his wife’s belief that, “Love is the main ingredient needed to heal the invisible wounds of the heart, soul and mind.”

Their design encourages individuals, families, communities, & societies to come together in love, patience, & empathy to overcome any differences in order to live in harmony and to “Beat As One.”