Madd Money Entertainment, Planet Radio 100! “Keeping It 100”

The purpose of this Blog Post it to raise awareness of a new up and coming Internet Radio Station named “Planet Radio 100”.  Madd Money Entertainment has been blazing the airwaves with their new internet radio station ranked #1 In the planet.  CEO Carol Dorsey is the frontrunner in this new evolution and she has been working around the clock to make this dream a reality.

Planet Radio 100 is a station that runs 24/7 playing the latest in Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Gospel. They have hits from Old School to New School Music. The hits come from all over the planet from independent to major artist. There is no limit to what they will bring to the world of music. Advertisement is available on our station at a fair price to help you get the proper exposure your company or brand needs.

They payout royalties to BMI, ASCAP, and Sound Exchange for artist and every spin count. They give you the hottest shows and they are the new internet station that brings you more to keep you entertained & coming back for more. Tune in to and enjoy the music 24/7.

Keep It 100!


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