Dr. Dre “The Chronic”

Greetings Colleagues,

This week’s blog post will be a topic of choice. The topic that I have chosen to elaborate on is Record Producer, Rapper and Entrepreneur Andre Romelle Young aka “Dr. Dre”, CEO of Aftermath Productions.   Dr. Dre has impacted Artist like Snoop Dog, Ice Cube, Warren G, 50 Cents, Eminem, and Groups such as Blackstreet to say the least. Nevertheless, Rap and Hip Hop among the popular music genre has never been the same since Dre stepped on the scene. In 1992, he founded Death Row Records with Suge Knight, rapidly becoming the driving force in 90’s Hip Hop with “The Chronic” solo debut.

The Chronic”, transformed the entire sound of West Cost Rap” (Steve Huey, AllMusic.com). Features that brands this album irreplaceable, is the fact that Dre founded this original G-Funk sound mixed with a Funkadelic type of beat, soulful backing vocals, and live instruments paired with bass lines and extravagant synths. Both him and Snoop together had a chemistry that not one person could emulate. With their Dolemite stylistic introductions and cartoon like skits, this became a requirement for other rap albums looking to “Swagger Jack” their photographic rhymes. The Chronic still to this day is one of the greatest and most influential hip-hop albums of all time.

I remember when I first heard this album, I was on my way to school and my brother was driving. He was playing “F**k Wit Dre Day” very loudly and I was like “what in the heck is this? I never heard this kind of music and it sounds weird”. The impression that it left on my at that time was simple, I could not understand why he was talking so badly about this person, but he really made that man mad. The music was awesome and the lady at the end singing was at the time, my favorite part. As an industry professional, I totally understand the whole concept of the album and how they were able to capture both sound and setting to deliver a movie type of feel. Nevertheless, Dr. Dre was very clever in making a point about any subject and painting the setting very well.

Applying all this knowledge I have collected is no easy task, it takes practice plus perfecting the beat, as Dr. Dre says. In order to be versatile, I must research and develop a work habit that engages the creativity of the art itself. Studying the very concept that made its existence to the extreme, keeping in mind the challenges that were faced in the make. In the next five years, I plan to do just that with a relentless mind set to purpose advancing my career endeavors. Thank you very much for reading my blog post and have a blessed day.

Michael “MYK” Roberts