The Grammies !

Greetings Colleagues,

Tonight’s blog post is about the Granny’s and how the industry recognizes the artwork of multiple genres. The Grammy Awards first started in 1958 and many of the awards categories have come and gone over the years. The Gospel genre started in 1961, where Mahalia Jackson won Best Gospel or Other Religious Recordings 7th Annual Grammy Award for “Everytime I Feel The Spirit”. This genre has changed over the years in a variety of ways and has brought more attention to its unique nature. It has gone from Religious Recordings to Sacred Performances in 1967 and back to Gospel Performances – Traditional in 1977, for the song “Just A Little Talk With Jesus” by Oak Ridge Boys. Mahalia Jackson created a sub-genre for many different artists. Kirk Franklin receives the most recent sub-category Granny Award in 2011 for “Best Gospel Album”. There are many differences in new sub-genres form the old ones. Some have contemporary and others have traditional awards. Sometimes music from specific geographic locations plays a factor because of its unique situation. Overall, the Grammies is one of the best experiences an artist or musician could ever dream for.

Michael Roberts


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