The Beach Boys


This week, the topic of discussion is about some of the most influential recordings of the 1960’s. In order to understand music as a whole and be able to identify it’s distinctive nature, we must study music as if it was an academic subject.   Performing its diverse or cultural class, cultivates scholars to research why and how people was influenced by their music. Ultimately, who was influenced by their music? “Industry Professionals” is the term that Full Sail University utilizes to identify the caliber of its individual students and here in this blog, I am confident we will answer these question.

To start, the Beach Boys album entitled “Pet Sounds” influenced everyone who listened to it. Released on May 16, 1996, on Capitol Records, it was The Beach Boys 11th studio album. It is the most influential record ever released in the western pop music cultural and had ranked #1 in countless magazines list of greatest albums of all time. Also ranked #2 on in Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Albums of all time. It is the second most acclaimed album of all time next to The Beatles “Revolver”.   Brian Wilson works on this album with an advanced approach personally for the group. He quit touring with the band just to focus his attention on writing and recording. As a result, “Pet Sound” was created several months later.

Michael Roberts


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