The Coming !

Within this blog, I am optimistic in accomplishing the goal of creating awareness of MYK Productions 47 and the service it provides.

I have told myself that over and over through my life and I plan to work hard and give it my best. I am excited to be apart of such an elite group and I look forward to working with the professionals that keep music moving forward.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

MYK Production 47 is by far, one of the best productions companies on the planet.  It is based in Detroit, MI and has a fully functional staff of trained professionals ready to produce music.  We have released a numerous amount of musical tracks and videos online to promote education, positive behavior, and musicianship.  There are many genres with distinctive melodic contour and perfect songwriting techniques taken heavily into consideration.  With its new production release

“Big Berry’s Got The Best”, Ranked #1 on the Reverb Nation platform Reverb Nation , has attracted many clients from all over the globe.  These clients range from different entertainment industries such as gamming, radio, and even film.  After a decade of perfecting it craft, we have mastered the art of production and sound design with clients from WWE, Sound Cloud, Reverb Nation, and many other platforms giving constructive feedback.  In recent event, the company has persuaded many charter schools to incorporate more arts into their curriculum and has seen dramatic results in attendance and grades. “8 Keys of Excellence”   Local artist’s such as “ItkLikeButta” and “Cali Kid” has made no hesitation to comply with its vision and come aboard to work on new material.  Influencing professionals to by-into you, helps them to conclude with your vision being made true.  If you have time, I beseech you to check out our webpage MYK Productions 47 and listen to a few of our production material.  If you are convinced, these tracks can be purchased at the following Link for a small phenomenal fee.  There is also an about me page for the Bio if you would like to get to know the CEO of MYK Productions 47.  We greatly appreciate you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this blog post and we also hope that you’re happy to have been made aware of this extraordinary productions dynasty.  Thank you and have a prosperous day!

It would be a huge benefit to utilize my service as an added entity to your production staff.  Music is our passion and getting the job done is always our priority.


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